Our history

My name is Augusto Baldoni and I inherit the passion from my father. At the age of eight, I got on a racing bike. Love. I raced almost professionally until I was 23 years old and in 1989 I was part of the national track team. Being a professional required a lot of sacrifices between training, diet and rest....too much rest for my 20 years; So I gave up my dream of being a professional. Today maybe I would have the right mindset, but tempus fugit!!
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Hippogriff is the story of a journey, of an idea, of 100,000 emotions. Lorenzo Cherubini's first trip to Patagonia took place with an adapted traditional bike, perhaps too performing for that experience and therefore delicate and unreliable.

Custom made bike


A tailor-made dream. The first Dream model was created for me, my measurements, my way of understanding the bike: freedom of expression.
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Gusoline Blade is your Gusoline ready for delivery. Gusoline "Blade" has been made with fully integrated cables and Deda Elementi shaped pipes with different thicknesses to combine aesthetics and performance.
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Clothing & Accessories

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