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Hippogriff is the story of a journey, an idea, 100.000 emotions. Lorenzo Cherubini's first trip to Patagonia took place with an adapted traditional bike, perhaps too performing for that experience and therefore delicate and unreliable.
Hippogriff: it's worth remembering, telling.

Second travel

Second trip, together on the Karakoram-Highway: 1,300 km on the highest asphalt road in the world that connects Pakistan with China. Almost 5,000 meters high between sandstorms, sub-zero temperatures and lots and lots of effort. For this adventure; I designed two custom bikes with 26" wheels and steel tubes to resist and be easily repaired in the most remote corner of the planet. Geometries, comfort and predisposition for any existing luggage rack or side rack. The seed of "Tailor Made"

Third trip

Third trip on the roads of Chile-Argentina. We realize that we want more: a travel bike, all right, but more performing and lighter without sacrificing the inevitable reliability. Gusoline Hippogriff is born, a story, a dream, an experience. Hippogriff is the Custom Bike to make or dream of travel.

Hippogriff has a wheel clearance ready to accommodate tires of any section. The frame, made with Columbus tubes and forks, guarantees maximum reliability because your trip is too important for a mishap to ruin it. Hippogriff is the journey that runs through our travels and our experience all the way to you.
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