Our history

My name is Augusto Baldoni and I inherit the passion from my father. At the age of eight, I got on a racing bike. Love. I raced almost professionally until I was 23 years old and in 1989 I was part of the national track team. Being a professional required a lot of sacrifices between training, diet and rest....too much rest for my 20 years; So I gave up my dream of being a professional. Today maybe I would have the right mindset, but tempus fugit!!

With the dream of professionalism behind him, his passion for cycling remains.

The second dream in the drawer was to open a bike shop of my own, with a sign where my name was written. Done! Even though it took me a few more years... In 1994 I received a job offer in a large bike shop. I accept even if it means giving up the life of a pro cyclist. I'm going to jump in! Soon I understand that it works... After all, it's my world.
I work hard and the results come and after a short time customers come from out of town for the tuning of their beloved bikes. They come for me! Cool!!!!!

One day I received a certain Lorenzo Cherubini among these customers (in art Jovanotti)

A super cyclist, we immediately catch each other and I become his "chosen one": I prepare the bike for his adventures, for example the one in Patagonia: a spectacular alone trip where a thousand unexpected events occur, between wind and bike problems. At a certain point his frame breaks!! We talk every day and try to make up for it by phone. In those cases, he manages to overcome any difficulty, he has too much determination and willpower and always achieves the goal. So one day I sad to him: "I'll come with you on the next trip!" And so it was...

He tells me: "let's go to Pakistan!! Let's do the Karakoram-Highway, the highest road in the world, on the border with China, 4.980 meters!!" I can't believe it but without thinking I tell him: "Cool!! Let's go We divide the tasks, I take care of the bikes and the bags and you take care of the stages and the battle plan!" Burned by previous experiences, I am looking for super strong pipes and special welds, super reliable components and suitable bike bags and... We're ready to go!! We ride for 1.300 km in 10 days on our bikes and pedal up to almost 5,000 meters above sea level, we live traumatic and at the same time wonderful experiences: from being searched almost naked, to being stoned by children for fun, to being chased by stray dogs... incredible!! However, when I come back from Pakistan I am a different person. I'm "hungry" and after two months I'll open a small shop... Small but different from all the others. It's the dawn of my dream.


Today the small shop has given way to something more structured, I am no longer alone but the "hunger" has remained and is equal only to the passion for the bike and everything that revolves around it. After the incredible journeys with Lorenzo and the experience of a lifetime, finally in 2022 I realize the dream of creating a new bike: Gusoline. And here, a new story is born...